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About Us

Welcome! I'm Lacey and with my husband, Timothy, we are the people behind Pink Tomato Threads. Pink Tomato Threads got its start in 2020, quite literally in the middle of a pandemic. A request from a family member to make a wired headwrap led to more and more headwraps and we soon realized they filled a need not just for us but also for many others. I still remember getting messages from women all over the US saying how good our wraps made them feel. That meant so much especially with how the world was during those months in 2020. My husband, always the team player, wanted to complement what I was doing, and so he taught himself how to silversmith and has been making my jewelry ever since! Since then we've honed our skills and products, including our game-changing clips that we hand sew into each headwrap. We love our products and our customers and each piece is handmade with care. We are so happy you are here and we hope you enjoy looking around.